Thoughts about my visit in SF

San Francisco, what a town…

One day happy because you walked in to some creativity you might not have expected (more about this below), the other day you’re filled with sorrow about the contrast between poorest and richest people, that are living really foots away from each other.

And I’m not talking about the kind of poverty that leaves you the freedom to push your creativity without much to loose, I’m talking about the kind of poverty that really leaves you empty.

Take a walk on the united nations square in the city, read the wise words on the soil and observe your surroundings. Never have such words sounded more ironic and more depressing. Fuck.

Try to walk around the city for more than a couple of minutes without seeing somebody laying on the ground, under the effect of some kind of drugs, whose traffic is creating a lot of problems in Mexico.

The most scary part is, that I did not feel threatened at all by those people, who represent a dark spot in humanity. If I would be in their situation I would feel a lot of anger (they probably have anger, but also their screaming is forgot fast as the scream of a crazy person).

The rich part of humanity is just on the other side of the road, headquarters of billion dollar companies, have their windows just over viewing the damned  on the street. So the two parts of humanity live face to face, like ying and yang.

How can the billionaires just live like they do, even in a situation like this? They see this misery every day (or may be they never walk on the streets anymore). Probably they do charity, and in a big amount. Probably they give according to the suggestions or, which is really not the worst thing to do. But, how can you care about those people that are far from your daily life, when you clearly don’t care about what is happening outside your door? Is this a modern form of indulgence payment, which will not bring you to paradise (atheism is hip nowadays), but will give you the impression to be a better person. The people on the streets are so deep in their miserable condition, that it will be very hard to grab them out of there. But we have to think about the next generation, the ones we can save from such a condition. And in my eyes the only way out of there is excellent basic education, and for such a thing we are spoiled in Switzerland, where public schools are better than the private ones. 

The richest here in the USA are spending a lot to abroad charity, allowing them to save taxes. Thus the nation is left with less money that it could potentially spend on basic education, college access, and research.

But lets leave behind this anger for the rest of the post, I’m anyway screaming like the poor, and you will think I’m just a crazy blogger, that has no knowledge of how the world works. Fuck.

There was some light in my visit, there always is. My optimism in humanity (yes, indeed, even after this post) is kept alive by those little flames.

I was walking down Market street, and I run into a project called, they utilize an unused building to allow anybody that has some creative thoughts to live those.

I had the possibility to assist and photograph the rehearsal of a small dance production (, which was really amazing. When people have an education and the space to live their creativity incredible things happen. Of course, this will not feed anyone in this world, but wouldn’t it be a goal to achieve, that everybody has the possibility of creating exactly something like this? Education and space for everybody. Or citing Beuys: 

A SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ART’… EVERY HUMAN BEING IS AN ARTIST who – from his state of freedom – the position of freedom that he experiences at first-hand – learns to determine the other positions of the TOTAL ART WORK OF THE FUTURE SOCIAL ORDER.